Are you feeling Fear, Stress, Anxiety or Overwhelm ? 

Maybe you have passion for something new, but you don’t know where to take it?

Let me help you Breakthrough these debilitating hurdles that may be holding you back at work, home or play.  We can eliminate that Fear, Anxiety and Stress and put you back on the fast track to success.

You are not alone.
I know first hand life can be challenging. Navigating through my journey I have been a single mom, had a toddler with diabetes, was a caregiver for family members with severe illnesses. I was a civil servant whose position was made redundant and dismissed after 25 years of dedication.

I understand what difficult times look like and how unwanted circumstances can force change. Through these times, not only have I persevered, I have learned valuable tools I will share with you.

Today, I find joy and success living my biggest passion helping people through fear, stress and anxiety so they can find meaning, unleash their joy, find passion, discover their purpose and start living.

Frequently, traveling between Canada and Costa Rica I bring my life changing tools and techniques such as HeartMath® and Emotional Freedom Technique sharing their effectiveness with my clients.
Let me help you successfully transition into a new phase of life. 
Barb Fletcher


Life is full of surprises, some more pleasant than others. Whether it be working under difficult situations, transitioning out of a relationship or dealing with unwanted illness you don’t have to fall victim to those unwanted feelings that weigh you down.
These situation can feel awful. You can feel better. You can feel a lot better. Let me show you how to unload the heavy emotional baggage allowing you to shift from barely coping with life to enjoying it.   

lost in the sea of life

Often times we lose our way in life.
We lack a sense of direction and fulfillment. We move in and out of situations and lose track of our desired path. We sometimes don’t even know who we are anymore. We all have purpose.
Every single person on this planet has amazing potential and that includes you. If you feel like you’re lost, if you’re ready to connect with the deepest parts of you and discover your true potential, I can help. 
One size does not fit all!
Because every one of my clients have unique situations, I help them uncover solutions that are perfect for them. You won’t find “copy & paste” answers when you work with me! So whether it’s working one-on-one, or coaching in groups, you can be confident you will get my focused attention guiding you to find the solutions you have been looking for.
New research shows the human heart is much more than an efficient pump that sustains life ... the heart also is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities. All of these are important for increasing personal effectiveness, improving health and relationships and achieving greater fulfillment. Imagine a life knowing you have the tools needed to not only reduce your anxiety but to use your mind and heart to heal.  
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a quick and easy process used to release painful emotions, reducing stress, reducing pain, decreasing fatigue & boost energy levels, decrease headaches, provides relief from depression, anxiety, improves athletic performance and the quality of your sleep. 
Coaching and Mentoring Expertise
35 years of experience holding Senior Leadership Roles as a Civil Servant
Caregiving and Compassion
I have always had a passion for care-giving not only in my personal life but in my career as well. I am keenly aware of the special circumstances that caregivers face.

A Gift From BARB ...

Every week I put a bit of time aside to help those who need it most. If you’re feeling fear, stress, anxiety or overwhelm and don't know where to turn, if you feel lost and want to discover your purpose and unleash your potential get in touch for a 30 minute gift call. 
"Barb is amazing! She is so kind and has a way of putting you at ease."
Stacey W.
"HeartMath has been a much needed addition to my life."
Melissa C.
"Barb always sees the bigger picture and helps guide you to see it too!"
Holly U.
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