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Now I have experienced the same sort of weather before (being an age where I have experienced many winters, so to speak!).  So what makes this ice storm different and was it really SO different?

As some you may know ,while in Costa Rica at the beginning of February I began a new practice, which included getting up everyday at 5am.   This practice included a series of rituals followed by very long walks on the beach.  Returning to the cold north has made the long walks on the beach impossible.  However, I have continued all of the other aspects of the 60 minutes of practice which now includes brain yoga instead of a long walk.  I am closing in on 60 days of practice!

The practice includes silence, affirmations, visualizations, reading, writing and exercise.  Committing to this time has changed me! It has become that period of time that I look forward to at the beginning of every day!

On Saturday while out for a short drive, I pulled over often to marvel at the beauty and took lots of pictures with my phone. I believe that some of the increased pausing is a result of the ease and convenience we now have with technology and the ability to take pictures with our phones.  Technology is changing how we view nature, our surroundings and our interactions with others, making it even easier  to capture memorable moments and events.

My early morning practice has also increased my level of awareness and has allowed me to appreciate nature differently.  I am spending more time in the moment…. in the now!  I am not giving as much attention to the past or what might be happening in the future. I believe life looks different because my mind is no longer distracted by thoughts but rather is appreciating what is before me.  It has been there all along!

How many times have we been told to “stop and smell the roses”, “life is short” and “you just have to live in the now”?  We intellectually hear those words and process them in our brain, but quickly revert back to our old ways.  I don’t know about you but this has been my experience in the past.

Fast forward to today: I can say that this new morning ritual has changed me.  I am relying on my heart to guide the way!   I am catching the sparkles, the magnificence of nature, the splendor of relationships and the opportunities to witness and experience the abundance of the universe.

What do you need to do today in order to create the shift in you, so that you can see the sparkles?  Perhaps I can help you with finding the path!

Would love for you to share some of your experiences below.

With love and appreciation,


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