Getting stopped in your tracks – so to speak!

There was one experience during week two of my visit that literally stopped me in my tracks.   The walk began as usual at 6:30 am, the sun just coming over the trees and at my back as I began the walk down the beach.  About halfway into my walk it seemed like all of the energy that I had in my body and the fitness gained in the previous days was completely gone.  It became increasingly more difficult to find the energy for each additional step forward.  The beach we were walking is about 5km long and seeing the return destination to our condo so far away had me second-guessing what was happening and whether I could make it all the way back on my own.  I recalled the day before feeling especially warm, but given the climate, I chalked it up to leaving the cold weather of Canada and the new experience of the consistently hot weather of Costa Rica.

I was committed to trying to push through.  That is my usual approach.  I have never been afraid to dig deeper, try harder, and step up my game!  This time was different though.  It was becoming harder and harder.  My head grew heavier with each step and seemed to weigh 50 lbs.  I could feel my vision being cast downwards towards the sand rather than the path before me.    I could see the familiar Tiki Bar and surf hut ahead of me and was determined to sit down once I reached there.

It was at this point I shared my shakiness with my partner.  Not one who likes to be vulnerable, my options seemed to be running out.  He encouraged me to take his hand to walk the rest of the steps.  When I reached the rocks next to the surf hut I quickly put my head between my knees and felt the world was spinning around me!  A young woman waiting for a surfing lesson offered me her bottle of water, which I drank with appreciation.  Another young man dug out a piece of gum from his pocket, the paper was worn but I gladly accepted their generosity.  Minutes passed but I could not feel any improvement.

I got seated on a beach chair under a large beach umbrella, attended to by my newly made young surfer friends.  I then asked my partner to go and get the car so that he could drive me the rest of the way back to the condo.  I knew at this stage that I was not going to be able to get there under my own steam.  My ego was screaming defeat and my body telling me to surrender.  He arrived 15 minutes later in the car and scooted me back to the condo where I went quickly to bed.

Lying there, I quietly explored the experience in my heart and the messages coming back were that I was dehydrated.  So the next hour was spent taking in fluid to fuel my body.  Within a couple of hours I was back to normal.


So what did I learn?  We need to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. Stubbornly pushing through has DANGER written all over it!  You can’t think your way out of these situations; the answers lie in quiet reflection using your heart.  The wisdom of the heart is rich and we need to rely on it!

Would love to hear about your experiences when you used your head to think your way out of a heart-based problem!  Tapping into your Heart is not that hard.  If you would like to hear more about how you can rely on the wisdom, complete the form below and I will be in touch!

With love and appreciation,


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