An Aerial View!

My first thought was how orderly everything seemed. 

The roads seemed to be part of a master plan.  Residential areas showed houses evenly spaced with a sense of purpose.  Waterways were connected by what appeared to be pencil-like lines.  Trees appeared to be grouped with similar kinds and coloured the earth green. 

I found myself excited at the view, marvelling at the beauty. I was quickly looking for defining landmarks before it all disappeared out of site to be replaced by white fluffy clouds.  

All of this happened in a matter of minutes.   There was a new feeling of ease and contentment.   I had left the chaos of the morning that began at 5am.  What had been planned to be an organized execution of a trip to the airport had gone wide when I realized my passport was at our lake house 40 minutes away. 

How had I been able to shift my body’s response so easily? 

What did it take for me to see it unfold differently.  In this case it was triggered by a high level “aerial view”, so to speak.  Being above all of the clutter and chaos I was able to see how fortunate I was, the beauty that was before each and every day.  Enough so, that if I was to choose, it would be difficult to shake me from this good feeling spot.   

So in this case, my shift came about because of a “view” I do not get to experience every day.  My body went from tense and frantic to appreciation and gratitude.   Not only would the shift change my experience as I continued, it would change how others experienced me.  My interactions would become more precise overall and less stressful. 

Now the big question is “how can you create that shift without taking an expensive plane ride, although that is nice to do once in awhile?” 

The shift can occur from your current location; it is really all about your point of “view”.  It may require you to take a few conscious moments to allow that beauty and appreciation into your heart, and regular practice can increase the speed at which you experience this new feeling of ease.

Our world seems to thrive on stress, yet our bodies speak otherwise.  Headaches, sleeplessness, incoherent thoughts, communication problems, and relationship issues are just a few examples.  Overtime, all of these have the potential to take us in directions which may be difficult to reverse. 

I can assure you that life does not have to be that messy.  So if you would like to experience a shift from chaos to coherence (ease), sign up for a complimentary discovery call.    

With love and appreciation,



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