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How often have you been told that you have to look after yourself first then you will have something to give to others?  One of things I’ve noticed is that “self care” for some is at the bottom of the to-do list.  We forget how much value “care” has.

That’s a bit of what happened to me recently. I have done a good deal of self-care of late; I spend at least 60 minutes doing a series of inward exercises.  The best practice I have ever created in my life!  I have, however, neglected the support that gazes inward, not leaning on those who could offer that different perspective.

This week I connected with a special woman who completed an Intuitive Energy Assessment.  She quickly identified what was causing me to wobble.  The word that came quickly to her was ‘trust’.  I quickly affirmed that her words resonated with me.  She further stopped me in my tracks by asking, “When had I last trusted myself?”  In a short time she was able to provide wonderful insight in a way that I am not sure I would have gotten. 

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of hearing Anita Moorjani, in a city 90 minutes away from my home.  I often hesitate to take the time to invest in such an event and experience.  She wrote a magical book called “Dying to Be Me” which speaks to her journey from cancer to near death to true healing.  So much of what she had to say resonated with me.  Having experienced the cancer journey as a partner, her words and feelings connected with my heart.   I was able to re-experience the journey from a place of love and comfort.  Her focus forward, living the life you are meant to live was music to my ears.  She spoke about the energy of others and the potential impact it had on her recovery, a fact often overlooked and yet so important.

I was totally inspired and energized by the event.  I came home renewed and looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.  I read the book but seeing Anita in person actually made it all come alive.

These experiences are such wonderful “self care” examples.  They feel good, having me question why had I not taken time for me lately.  We get caught up in the business of life and forget that without a healthy being, business will not continue.   Moral of the story: we cannot forget “self care” and we often benefit from others who offer an unbiased understanding.  Try as I might, I don’t think I could have gotten there on my own.


What are you doing for your own self-care?  Do you feel like your life is spinning and you having no control?  Would it help to have someone who is able to see the challenges from another perspective?  Sign up for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call here.

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