Falling off the wagon!

It is so interesting to me how your body will begin to react to such a day.  I could feel my heart beating in anxiousness, I could not seem to shake the feelings.  My head began to ache and I was quickly losing momentum, like a balloon that has a small hole in it and the air just leaking out, with each event creating a swoosh.

This experience grows on it own, with the “negative self talk” that I had going on.  The conversation goes like this: you teach this stuff and YOU are having a bad day, what does that say?!?! And that was just the beginning…

So at the end of the day, I stopped and said it is time for a reset!  I was going to do what it took to create a shift.  

Here are my “go-to” strategies:  

  1.  Flowers, flowers, flowers – I do well by digging in the dirt!  Somehow the exercise, being close to the earth and the beauty, slowly but surely bring me back to centre.

  2.  Jumping – I recently bought a rebounder!  The freedom and momentum created by this small trampoline puts a smile on my face each time I bounce.  For some it may be a stroll, walk or a run!

  3. Emotional self-regulation – That is just a term which refers to my ability to be aware of my emotions.  I use tools created by HeartMath to accomplish this.  Additional support is provided with a bio-feedback tool (small device that plugs into your smartphone or laptop, and calculates your heart rate variance) that supports practice by showing you how well you are doing.

This day was a not-so-gentle reminder that everyone falls off the wagon.  What matters is how long it takes us to get back on track.  I am a novice at Strategy 1 and 2.  I do have expertise with Strategy 3, and I can help you get your emotions back on track to reduce stress and to build resilience.  

If you feel stressed and want to “get back in the wagon” sign up for a Discovery Call here.

With love and appreciation,



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