Have you ever blocked a sweater? How do we create a memory?

How and why did that memory get created?  The memory was imprinted at a young age, likely before my early teens.  It was created by seeing the action repeated many many times.  And finally it was by watching someone I admired and loved.  I do not remember actually laying out a sweater in front of her, but 40+ years later (hard to believe) it is truly like riding a bicycle.

So that got me to thinking, about how we could live our lives and create memories that will result in a life of ease.  In dissecting my experience I think there are a few elements to consider.

  1. Creating memories early in life so that they stick with you for a lifetime!  Don’t underestimate the impact of what you share with the next and future generations.  Some of us may have an opportunity to inspire many generations in our lifetime!

  2. Repeating/practicing that “muscle” means that it will likely be available in your muscle memory for a lifetime.  You may need to dust it off occasionally but you can quickly get back into the swing of things.

  3. Someone you admire gets your attention!  As a child my grandmother had my focus and I learned unconsciously.  Find that someone to inspire you to continue to learn and experience something new.

This applies to more than sweaters!  Is there something in your life that if it shifted, a whole new world would open up to you?  What can be done to create that muscle memory so the new way of living is easy?  Are you surrounded by the inspiration you need to encourage you?

Mindset is one of our biggest challenges.  Stress and overload can often get in the way.  What if you could clear some of that from your life to create the space for transformational change to happen in your life!

Leave a comment below or share with your friends.  I very much appreciate your comments and feedback.

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