How do you react to compliments?

Early morning walks have been our way of being for the last two weeks. In fact we log 10,000 steps before 8:30am. It has been a great way to start the day. While walking along a street in Jaco, Costa Rica early in the morning, an elderly woman waiting for a bus spoke to me. I had never seen her before. Her English was difficult to understand. She said to me “You have a good body for your age, you are to be congratulated”. In fact she repeated it twice because I had not gotten it the first time.

On an ordinary day I would blush and shrink from such a statement. Being noticed has never been one of the things that interested me. In fact, in many ways I have spent much of my life playing small. Don’t get me wrong I have been successful. Just never ready to step out into the limelight.

Somehow being in a foreign country provided the safe space for me to step out and up! I smiled and said “Thank you”.   I surprised myself with the confidence that somehow came to me naturally.

When someone offers you a compliment how do you respond? Do you allow the complement to resonate with who you are and expand your sense of self? Be aware the next time someone offers you a compliment.

With love and appreciation,


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