It takes a while to figure things out!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it seems a fitting time for reflection.   Now before I begin, for those of you who are not moms to two-legged beings, you will see that you get to play a role too! 

When I was a kid growing up, I underestimated (by a long shot) how hard it was to be a mom!  

My mom has more strength and courage than I understood when I was younger.  She took on studies to be a nurse, was a mom to 3 girls, worked shift work as a nurse, and was a wife and partner.   She has been successful in all of those roles.  She is recognized as a leader in her field and although retired, she reminds me “once a nurse, always a nurse”!  I have two sisters who are successful and I believe we all turned out pretty well! And her partnership with my Dad lasted 56 years and as a daughter I know I never realized how strong she actually is. 

My Dad was the physically strong one and her toughness was from the inside out!  Today I look at those days and wonder how she managed all of the stress that she must have felt during the early years as a “Mom”.  Funny how you have to be ready to be a grandmother before you realize how hard and how successful your Mom actually was.    

I got a later start to being a mom and could easily rely on her as a role model.  All of the values that she had demonstrated had rubbed off on me.  I remember May 18, 1990, she and I were driving to pick up my son at the sitters to bring him to the hospital.  Later that day, my sweet two year old son was diagnosed with diabetes.  She sat in the passenger seat, as I drove, never showing any anxiousness, just being the solid rock that I could lean on. 

She knew all too well, that life as we knew it was about to take a major turn. During the two-week stay in hospital to stabilize the diabetes, I remember her telling me to go and get my hair done and buy something nice.  I took her advice not fully understanding why. 

 Today we would call those wise words “self care”! 

My son and I became a team of two before his teen years.  I came to rely on family, my sisters and my mom, to help expand the circle of motherly love around him.  I am proud to say that he has grown up to be a successful carpenter, husband, son and grandson.  So I would say “Mom” roles are played by many!   

The “Mom” job can be more challenging than any paid job you will ever have and at the same time, more rewarding.  Pause to reflect on the contribution your “Mom” has made in helping you become who you are. 

I know for me, hitting that pause button, has created even more love and respect for my Mom! 

With love and appreciation, 


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