Let’s agree to disagree!

The fact is that in most long term relationships there will be circumstances that require you and your partner or loved one to deal with significant differences of ideas, opinions, values or preferences.  In such circumstances, it is crucial for the survival of the relationship, and for your own well-being, to learn how to agree to disagree.

An ability to truly accept our differences of perspective and to take them in stride serves not only to grow and protect harmony in our long-term relationships, it also helps us to release negative energy and resentments that can cause stress and illness in our lives.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do.

At the moment of disagreement it is understandable for you to react emotionally or mentally or physically when someone whose opinion matters to you sharply disagrees with your viewpoint.

At the very same time as you are feeling frustrated, betrayed, alienated or disconnected by your close relationship’s perspective, they in turn are likely processing the same level of emotional reaction to your point of view.

The way that the brain processes these situations is through the Ego.  It’s common for both sides to dig their heels in, when they feel that something that is part of their core values or beliefs is under attack.

There is often a strong emotional reaction when such situations occur, especially when it’s someone you care about and respect.  The mind (and Ego) keeps telling you to defend the position or belief, as if it core to who you are.

Such situations can never be resolved though the Ego or the mind.

What is required is an ability to respond from a place of caring and compassion.  

In essence a heart based response as opposed to an ego based response.

To learn more about how you can become aware of how you react in these types of situations and to learn how you can practice heart based response visit my website at barb-fletcher.com.

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