Shaken but not stirred.

 I want to speak about confidence in self in this space.  It is one of those traits that has a defining impact on our success.  I have found it easier to have confidence in others than in myself.  How about you?  Are you more forgiving of others than yourself?

I have had a very interesting week and it is early.  A year ago I began some study in an area that was new to me.  It had been many years since I had had to really dig in and study.  I had gotten to a place in my life where I was really good at what I did and here I was stepping into a space where my success was not assured.  Although it felt awkward I was anxious and excited to begin.

I spent a number of months working hard.  I studied, practiced, read, reread and practiced some more.  Today I understand that it was my underlying belief of my ability to grasp all of what would be required for success that was getting in the way, sabotaging me.  In other words, all of that hard work was not converting to competency.  I did the easy thing, I pulled back and refocused on other areas, leaving a significant “loose end”.  Little did I know how much this decision would hamper other efforts.

Over the months I achieved success, but with always something nagging, undermining my full potential.  I spent time distracting myself by working hard in a number of different directions. I continued to learn new “stuff” as many self-starters do.  What was missing, however, was the confidence in myself.

Have you ever spent time ignoring the one big thing that shook your courage or confidence?  What did it take for you to tackle that “one big thing”?   How long did it take?  How did you feel all the time you were not focusing on the solution?  These are a bunch of questions that I now have the answers to.  LOL

So early this week I tackled that “one big thing”.  I spoke my truth about how I had been experiencing the past few months.  I sat with my feelings and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Solutions presented and I feel like not only has a weight been lifted but things that had been subconsciously holding me back had vanished. 

With that belief of failure behind me, my efficiency skyrocketed, effort translated into results with ease and “work” became fun again.  I know that there is potential for slippage, that little voice of doubt can creep back, but this time I will be ready.  I will set aside the time to examine how I think and see if it is in fact contributing to how things really are.  I will do the work to challenge and erase those negative beliefs. 

Only one person can challenge your thoughts, feelings and beliefs – YOU!

With love and appreciation,


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