What do thought leaders and authors like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Arielle Ford all do to manage stress?

What do you think the number one search on Google is on New Years Day?  It is “How do I get rid of my stress?”  This fact was a bit of a surprise to me when I first read about it.  But on reflection it is really good news when you stop to think about it!  The first step that you need to take in getting your stress under control is awareness.

That’s where I was just a few short years ago.  I was able to practice the strategies of HeartMath and make them part of who I am today.  Over the last few months, I have encountered a number of respected authors supporting the strategies delivered under the “HeartMath” banner.  HeartMath is featured in Jack Canfield’s best selling book “The Success Principles” as well as Arielle Ford’s book “Turn your mate into your Soulmate”.

Just this past week, Tony Robbins appeared on ABC News promoting his book “Money, Master the Game”.  The focus of the book is teaching you how to tap into your inner power.  He reminds us that not all relationships contribute to our lives in a positive way.  Some relationships drain our energy, while others give us an immediate energy boost!

 Watch this clip from Good Morning America, where Tony shows us just one Heartmath technique (@ the 5:00 mark) to stress management!

What is interesting to me is how easily he demonstrates to his audience that the potential of tapping into our Inner Power is absolutely possible no matter where you are.  Even in a TV Studio!  Robbins asks each studio participant to identify 2 or 3 stressors in their lives and to rate them based on severity on a scale from 0 to 10.  Each person is then asked to consider the stressors rated at a severity level of 7 or above, essentially the ones that cause us the most trouble.

The audience is directed to breath in and think of 3 things that they feel grateful for. They’re told to envision themselves within the chosen topic of gratitude, to feel it, breathe it, see it and hear it.

The next step has the participants reflecting on the major stressors that they had previously identified.  They are asked to feel within their heart, what needs to happen to relieve the stressor and allow the answer to follow.  With a show of hands and smiles, members of the audience confirmed that they now had new insights into what was initially a big “stressor” in their life and how to manage it.

The exercise forces the participants to ask themselves, why they don’t tap in to this source of inner power on a daily basis to deal with all of their life stresses? Natural Health Magazine says “that if HeartMath, were a pill, it would be called the most important medical discovery of the century”!  We are all reluctant to try things that we don’t understand or are not familiar with.   

The answers to the stressors and the tough questions are available to us, so it is time to tap in to our own inner power!  I very much appreciate that some of the thought leaders of this century are speaking out so freely, adding their support for HeartMath.  I have used the HeartMath techniques and strategies, and can tell you from first hand experience that they have supported me through some very difficult times, with ease.  This is why I have chosen to add HeartMath to my skills as a coach and mentor.

Do you find yourself experiencing stressors for which answers are not apparent?  Do you feel like you are going around in circles with no solution?  I can help you tap into that inner power of your heart. Contact me here and let’s talk about how you can start living your life with ease!

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