Making the second half of 2021 count!

2021 half

The last 18 months have challenged us all in so many ways.  What we knew to be true is no more.  Some of what we released didn’t serve us and some of what was out of reach we missed.


Have you ever felt like you were in the flow, maybe it felt like a sweet spot which you would just like more of?  I know when I am helping people, that is the feeling I have.

As we try and put our lives back together, now is a perfect time to check in to plot what matters to us.  So where to start?  The first step is to get clear on your heart values!  What are heart values anyway?  The best way to understand them is by how we feel and behave.

When we align with our heart qualities and values…

  • we connect with a deeper aspect of ourselves
  • we can reduce tension with others
  • we can rise above drama, pettiness, and self-focus
  • we’re full of positive energy
  • we can make wiser choices

I bet you are interested in living your life with less tension, more energy, and less drama.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel that deeper commitment with ourselves?

To understand the messages of the heart, we first need to spend some time quieting the ego.  Our ego can run amuck when we have experienced long periods of stress.  It often runs in the background and impacts how we make our decisions.  Self-regulation of the signals between the heart is our quickest path to tapping into that insight.

If you are interested in hearing more about tapping into your heart qualities, book a call.  Each month I offer a limited complimentary call where you can get started.

I look forward to showing up regularly for you here.  I want the rest of 2021 to rock for you.

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