Habits – the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Let’s spend a bit of time talking about habits! We all have them. Some we would like more of, and some we would like to let go of forever. And then there are those that we would like to make present in our everyday lives.

Indeed, the last 18 months have given us time to reflect more. Perhaps you had taken more time with those healthy habits which before the break seemed out of reach. Or maybe the stress of these past months has shown up in more obvious ways. People often reference the COVID weight as one of the challenges.

I want to share a bit of a story. I have been working on creating weekly content to share with my community. I got on a terrific run, and it seemed like I was in the flow. I had material ready to go in advance, and then life got in the way. Some family demands created that internal stress, and I reverted to my old routine. I procrastinated, blamed my lack of action on too many demands. Don’t get me wrong, my plate is pretty full, yet I am sure that I could have found the lost time to create the weekly post. And then, of course, my internal dialogue got busy. My Achilles heel – perfectionism. If it isn’t perfect, you might as well not do it.

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We all have the stories we tell ourselves when we can’t follow through on habits. I teach others to wedge those new habits they want to create next to those already successful. For example, I bet if you are a coffee drinker, you have no trouble making your morning coffee. That is a habit. So if we want another habit to stick, the magic is in wedging it next to the one we carry out unconsciously.

So I am back at it today. My content for this week will be done today, and I will make Sundays my writing day! So now it is writing, and you have heard it here!

Now that we have my habit challenge out of the way, next week, I will share some of the ones that remain solid no matter what!

If you struggle with making habits stick and would like a bit of accountability, someone who has your back, I have some helpful tools.

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