From Stress Response Solutions To Business Tools: A Podcast With Barb Fletcher

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I had a wonderful time speaking with Tim Melanson on this podcast: “Work @ Home Rockstar” (links below).  We talked about how I help people move from stress and overwhelm to comfort and ease, but also my business and what tools I have found as a solo-entrepreneur to help me find comfort and ease both on a logistical and metaphorical level.

Imagine having the foot on both the gas and break at the same time, you’re burning gas & not going anywhere
was Tim's response to a rather poignant part of the conversation

Stress response can show up as anger, fight-or flight, freezing, or over-caring (of which I am guilty of), so when we recognize this how to we move to self-regulation and resilience?  Relaxation isn’t necessarily equal to resilience, so what, and how? Furthermore, how do we “Get Good” at resilience?  I like using the wedge, or stacking method with clients meaning we leverage existing habits and insert easy 10-minute exercises to build resilience.  Here are two books that are helpful resources on habits:

I also invite you to reach out for a consult if you want to talk more about building your own resilience.

The tools that have helped me find ease and space in my business are:

  • Zoom to see individuals and/or teams close up to be able to read facial cues and better support my clients
  • Calendly to give both clients and myself better control and less obstacles to schedule and booking
  • Working with a team to help me do more of what I am good and and less of what I struggle with
  • An inspirational, ergonomic, and enriching environment from which to work, I also like to change it up from time to time for a fresh outlook

Tim Melanson’s Info/Links

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