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Network = Networth
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The conversation on Network = Networth with Dalene Allen dove into my past, experience, tool set, and beliefs.  Ultimately, lifelong learning, and relationships have been a theme throughout my life.  My father was a farmer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit wrapped in the importance of connecting with people in order to help them.  These lessons made a real impression on me, leading me to be genuinely curious about people, loving to listen to them, and valuing relationships.

On the farm we were surrounded by many animals, and in my experience as well as the science tells us that how we connect to animals is often reflected in their behavior.  If we are frustrated, or annoyed, odds are that the horse (or other animal) is going to demonstrate the same kind of behavior, so the kinder, gentler, the more solid we are with energy the more likely we are going to get that back.

There is a strong history of nursing in my family’s background and as much as I may have tried to take a different route I ended up where I was destined.  I landed in the Department of Health (in my own way), and fostered relationships there of trust.  In my experience being honest, and trustworthy neutralizes some of the emotion in difficult conversations because they know you are committed to helping them solve a problem.

My personal struggle was with stress and I came to HeartMath through a family member, and learned of the 40yrs of science backing it.  The tools, device, biofeedback, and science all wrapped up into something I really wanted to try myself, and ultimately help others with.  I don’t just talk about it with clients, but I personally practice every single day!  What I love is being able to help people find a customized approach for them which nets fast results/relief.

The fear for most people is opening that “shaken bottle of pop” and not being able to “put the cap back on.” With HeartMath we can find roots in a neutral and non-threatening way, so that the “fizz isn’t explosive.”

Everyone Deserves to feel ease in life!

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