How Not To Take Work Stress Home with You

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Do you ever come home irritable because you had a rough day at the office? Do you take your frustrations from work out on your partner or family?

After a long day at work, many of us find ourselves taking out our stress on friends, children, or significant others. And if we’re not careful, we allow our work stress to become home stress, often at the expense of our families and relationships or our health.

We feel bad when we know that we can’t show up. So, how do we tap into a space of intentional intuition, and why is it so necessary for not only our marital relationships but our children as well? 

We do not want our kids to experience some of the twists and turns that we might have lived through the day. Kids don’t always have words for it. 

Children aren’t able to articulate when they are stressed; they could feel their hands sweating. But they can only express what they are going through physically. What we don’t usually understand is it’s really a stress response. A lot of parents may be experiencing that same thing with their children through homeschooling. You come home from work, your day didn’t go very well, and you’re trying to help your child with homework, and it turns into a fight fest, or an attitude fest

This is why it’s important to develop how can we become calm and regulated before we start interacting with our loved ones.

If we want our family relationships to be well, we need tools and strategies help us from moving from being stressed to being our best selves.

The key is to build a buffer as a way to transition from work space to home space; to make sure that you’re bringing your best self into your home.

  • Take a few minutes, and sit outside in the driveway before you go home.
  • Take some breaths, some purposeful breaths.
  • Renew your energy and clear things that might have been brought home.

We don’t always have to get it right. We are not bad people. It’s just happening. The only challenge is that we are not always aware. What’s important is that we recognize that even when we may not have gotten it right, we’re able to pull back, adjust and reset, and go forward. For instance, recognizing regretful things that we have said in a conversation and apologize after.

Our energy becomes other people’s energy. By slowing down and observing how the other person may be reacting to us, we may get a sense of the energy we’re bringing to a conversation. Our stress carries over to everyone at home home, even when we don’t even talk about it. People around us will either level up or stay levelled down to where we’re at.

And when you have the tools, you can find that ease when you enter your home.

We’d like you to think about your marriages and your partnerships, and really gain awareness about how much stress you’re bringing with you and contributing to your home. If your home or marriage isn’t as peaceful and loving as it could be. A few simple tools like these can be really helpful. And we offer many, many tune opportunities throughout the month to learn free tools, or participate in some of our programs.


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