Do you want to make decisions you will be happy with?

woman trying to make a purchase decision

Making decisions can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Our minds are bombarded with information, and the pressure to make the right choice can be intense. However, research has shown that the best decisions are made when we are in a state of coherence or self-regulation.

Have you ever found yourself saying I am just too tired or overwhelmed to think about making that decision right now?

You would not be alone!

Here are a couple of keys to unlock your potential.

Coherence refers to physiological and emotional balance, where our heart rate variability, breathing patterns, and brainwaves are synchronized. Our mind is clearer when we are in this state, and our emotions are calmer. This allows us to think more clearly, focus on the task at hand, and make decisions more easily.
Self-regulation is the process of controlling our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour consistently and consistently. When we are self-regulated, we are better equipped to deal with stress and make decisions in a calm and focused manner. Self-regulation involves paying attention to our thoughts and emotions, and making an effort to control them.

One of the best ways to achieve coherence and self-regulation is by practicing HeartMath techniques. HeartMath is a scientifically validated method involving heart rate variability and breathing patterns to regulate emotions and improve coherence. This technique has been shown to help individuals reduce stress, increase mental clarity, and make better decisions.


In conclusion, making decisions in a state of coherence and self-regulation leads to better outcomes. When we are calm, focused, and in control of our emotions, we are better equipped to handle the challenges that come with decision-making. By incorporating techniques such as HeartMath into our daily routine, we can improve our ability to make decisions with greater ease and confidence.

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