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Smiling people in the workplace

Creating a supportive workplace environment for positive mental health & resilience. Whose responsibility is it?

Mental health stigma in the workplace creates significant obstacles for employees seeking support, hindering their access to resources and necessary help. However, employers play a crucial role in addressing these barriers, promoting understanding, and prioritizing mental health resources. By taking action and incorporating HeartMath techniques, employers can create a supportive environment that empowers employees to […]
Network = Networth

To Deliver Quality Care Relationships Are Paramount

*onsite, and podcast app links The conversation on Network = Networth with Dalene Allen dove into my past, experience, tool set, and beliefs.  Ultimately, lifelong learning, and relationships have been a theme throughout my life.  My father was a farmer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit wrapped in the importance of connecting with people in order […]
communication stress

Are you misunderstood? Would you like strategies to be heard?

We’ve all likely found ourselves in a conversation that didn’t go how we thought it would. Was it about the words, or was it more about how we felt? We all had that rough day,  and we’re not in the space to have a good conversation because we’re frazzled, or overwhelmed. But there is more […]