less stress in life podcast

Want To Reduce The Stress In Your Life (Podcast Archives)?

Deb Timmerman and I help individuals and organizations manage change and stress. Together, we bring you real conversations, stories about healing, and strategies to help you find the inspiration to move from stressed to your best. *You can access the full podcast, new and old episodes, on Buzzsprout. It also has links to all other […]
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Network = Networth

To Deliver Quality Care Relationships Are Paramount

*onsite, and podcast app links The conversation on Network = Networth with Dalene Allen dove into my past, experience, tool set, and beliefs.  Ultimately, lifelong learning, and relationships have been a theme throughout my life.  My father was a farmer with a strong entrepreneurial spirit wrapped in the importance of connecting with people in order […]
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communication stress

Are you misunderstood? Would you like strategies to be heard?

We’ve all likely found ourselves in a conversation that didn’t go how we thought it would. Was it about the words, or was it more about how we felt? We all had that rough day,  and we’re not in the space to have a good conversation because we’re frazzled, or overwhelmed. But there is more […]
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woman in ocean

Compassion Fatigue: A Secondhand Stress That You Do Not Need.

Too numb to care? You reach a peak of physical and emotional exhaustion to the point that you lose the ability to empathize with other people. You get tired of suffering from secondary stress and being stressed about other people’s stress. You just lost it all. Not being able to bring your best self to […]
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person holding lilac blossoms

Is your reaction yours or someone else?

A few days back, my husband and I discussed a small lilac bush we had planted. It was less than a foot tall and was growing in a new seed grass area. Over the last couple of months, I dutifully watered it. It seemed to be growing well. I could feel the emotions welling up […]
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coffee, tablet, pirse, and fall leaves on a step

Ease or chaos – bring on the fall!

So are you happy or sad to see that September has arrived?  Depending on who you are, September can be a time to return to our routine, maybe a comfortable rhythm that has slipped away over the summer.  Perhaps it is a return to school and for some that brings joy and others not so […]
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alarm clock

When it feels like no time has passed.

A week ago we were on a short day trip, as it turns out, to visit a fudge factory! But that is a story for another day! As we were on the highway, I reflected on times, nearly 50 years ago, when I would travel to horse shows with my Dad. The times were very […]
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person checking info/vitals on phone and smartwatch

Habits – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Let’s spend a bit of time talking about habits! We all have them. Some we would like more of, and some we would like to let go of forever. And then there are those that we would like to make present in our everyday lives. Indeed, the last 18 months have given us time to […]
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