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Activating The Heart of Teams Testimonial

Checking-In With Our Inner Selves

“I recently had the opportunity to have a brief but important wellness workshop with Barb. This past year has been a rollercoaster and it feels as though I am simply going through the motions. Barb asked me to get in coherence and review what my heart qualities and values are. Being forced to slow down […]
Activating The Heart of Teams Testimonial

Resiliency & Open Communication

“My team and I participated in the four-week HeartMath training program with Barb Fletcher.  Barb is an excellent facilitator and has a knack for observation.  She can draw out individual thoughts and experiences to allow the full group to observe each other’s challenges and successes so we all benefit through their experiences. My team and […]
Activating The Heart of Teams Testimonial

Finding Balance & Being Effective High Performing Employees

“Our team has seen a lot of progress since we started practicing HeartMath techniques. It’s helped us understand how our minds work and what they need in order to stay balanced during stressful times, like when there are deadlines or other people expecting results from you right away! The classes were really informative for me. […]