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Habits – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Let’s spend a bit of time talking about habits! We all have them. Some we would like more of, and some we would like to let go of forever. And then there are those that we would like to make present in our everyday lives. Indeed, the last 18 months have given us time to […]
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What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary?

For me, it boils down to just one thing – how I feel. I know when I am connecting with someone who provides extraordinary service by how I feel. What is your guide when it comes to service? When you consider working with a coach, the most important thing to consider is fit. You will […]
2021 half

Making the second half of 2021 count!

The last 18 months have challenged us all in so many ways.  What we knew to be true is no more.  Some of what we released didn’t serve us and some of what was out of reach we missed.   Have you ever felt like you were in the flow, maybe it felt like a […]