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Everyone on point

Have you ever experienced a time when everything and everyone fell into place?  What did itLOOK and FEEL like? Now contrast that to a time when things did not go so well. I want to share an experience I had a few days ago while on vacation, along with the lessons that surfaced with it! We began […]

What is the significance of the New Line Road?

Have you ever paused and recognized that a lot of the details that you thought you were seeing you had actually missed?  This week we went on a quick road trip.  Our journey took us to a small town nearby, one that I have visited many times with my Father as a younger version of […]

Learning to Swim – It is not what you think!

If you have read my blogs you know that I love to find the lessons in my everyday life.  This lesson arrived early on Sunday morning in an unexpected way. That unexpected occurrence creates a stickiness that makes lesson retentions easy. It is never too late! We live on a lake and have done so for […]

Getting stopped in your tracks – so to speak!

Being home for a couple of months, I now feel it’s time to share a story about how I got stopped in my tracks!  As many of you know, I quickly fell in love with Costa Rica during a recent visit.  I had created a regular morning routine, which included getting up at 5am and […]