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Does relaxing make you more resilient?

Do you think this is a trick question?  Because we have always been told that if we relax we will feel better. The truth is we do; the catch, unfortunately, is that it can be short-lived. I remember working in an office, leading people, and needing a vacation.  This experience was long before I understood […]
2021 half

Making the second half of 2021 count!

The last 18 months have challenged us all in so many ways.  What we knew to be true is no more.  Some of what we released didn’t serve us and some of what was out of reach we missed.   Have you ever felt like you were in the flow, maybe it felt like a […]

How many of you take photos with your phone?

Does it seem like you take multiple shots of the same thing? Do you feel like you don’t want to miss a moment, so you just keep pressing the button?  No harm, no foul; that’s me for sure!  A recent conversation I had with a friend focused on this very subject.  The conversation went something like this… people are […]

Do you serve coffee?

When people gather together is it your first inclination to serve?  Are you interested in helping others?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the rest of this post will be of interest to you! Being of Service shifts your thinking, shifts your focus and changes how you feel. A few weeks […]

Create your intention today!

To create an intention is to clarify what you want to achieve: in a morning, a day, a lifetime. This act is deceptively simple yet deeply powerful. When you stop to ask — what is the one thing I could achieve today to make it great? First step is to check your internal “To Do” […]

What is your opening line?

So you are at a social event, how do you connect with others?    Does conversation come easy?  How do you decide who you want to speak to?  Have you ever thought about this? Let’s explore a little! There is literal vibrational truth to such expressions as being “on the same wave length” with someone. There […]

Caught up in the sound of silence: How do you handle it?

How much time do you spend in the quiet of your own thoughts or the quiet of nature?  It is hard to ignore the buzz that seems to exist throughout our lives.  There is more noise than we recognize and it is much harder to exist without it than one thinks! I always thought I […]

Shaken but not stirred.

Confidence is defined as full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.  I want to speak about confidence in self in this space.  It is one of those traits that has a defining impact on our success.  I have found it easier to have confidence in others than in […]

An Aerial View!

Recently on a trip to Toronto I had a bit of a revelation.  My seat was 5A – a window view.  During take off, I sat back and closed my eyes the way I usually do until my ears begin to normalize.  When I opened my eyes, the sun was shining bright in the window and […]

It takes a while to figure things out!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it seems a fitting time for reflection.   Now before I begin, for those of you who are not moms to two-legged beings, you will see that you get to play a role too!  When I was a kid growing up, I underestimated (by a long shot) how hard it was to be a […]
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