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avoiding and attracting

The harder you try not to stress the more stress you feel.

Ever hear yourself say this under your breath? Stress is a natural part of life, but sometimes the harder we try to avoid it, the more stressed we become. This phenomenon, known as “paradoxical intention” or “reverse psychology”, can occur when we put too much emphasis on avoiding stress. It can lead to a self-fulfilling […]

Does relaxing make you more resilient?

Do you think this is a trick question?  Because we have always been told that if we relax we will feel better. The truth is we do; the catch, unfortunately, is that it can be short-lived. I remember working in an office, leading people, and needing a vacation.  This experience was long before I understood […]

Have you taken a breath today?

Now I know that sounds silly doesn’t it.  Of course you have. But have you really taken a breath? There is nothing more irritating than when we are in a negative state of mind, and someone says to you: “just breathe .”   But what does this phrase mean? And what would happen if we […]
2021 half

Making the second half of 2021 count!

The last 18 months have challenged us all in so many ways.  What we knew to be true is no more.  Some of what we released didn’t serve us and some of what was out of reach we missed.   Have you ever felt like you were in the flow, maybe it felt like a […]

What would our lives be like if “Mindfulness” was like taking vitamins?

For many of us, taking a few vitamins have become a part of our daily routine.  It’s become as regular as clockwork.  You may take a specific combination that has been customized to fit your physical needs and belief systems.  Do we know the impact they might be having on our body? You may have some testing done […]

Caught up in the sound of silence: How do you handle it?

How much time do you spend in the quiet of your own thoughts or the quiet of nature?  It is hard to ignore the buzz that seems to exist throughout our lives.  There is more noise than we recognize and it is much harder to exist without it than one thinks! I always thought I […]

Shaken but not stirred.

Confidence is defined as full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.  I want to speak about confidence in self in this space.  It is one of those traits that has a defining impact on our success.  I have found it easier to have confidence in others than in […]

Falling off the wagon!

Have you ever had one of those days that just don’t seem to end?  That happened to me recently.   It was a series of three difficult conversations that occurred in a few short hours.  It just seemed that each began to build on one another.  Short of going home and covering my head, I was going to need to walk […]

It takes a while to figure things out!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it seems a fitting time for reflection.   Now before I begin, for those of you who are not moms to two-legged beings, you will see that you get to play a role too!  When I was a kid growing up, I underestimated (by a long shot) how hard it was to be a […]
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