Navigating Through Everyday Life Stresses

HeartMath Coaching Testimonial

“Thank you Barb for providing me with the tools and techniques to navigate through everyday life stresses, the little and bigger ones that have carried through for years!!

You have helped me to gain a new perspective in the way I approach the start of my day. From time management, breathing and eliminating discomforts quickly through your practice, tips, and follow ups.

Your ability to guide through without judgement sure shows your empathy, care, courage and passion for people. I quickly trusted your input, guided the process in relieving daily stresses, my results are so rewarding and forever grateful!

My sleep has improved, my resilience is much greater, and my mood is lifted. I am enlightened by the simple pleasures in life and carry on with a positive outlook on the good and bad days.

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart!”


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