No Longer Owned by Anxiety

HeartMath Coaching Testimonial

“The impact I have had working with Barb has changed my life.  Once completely owned by anxiety, I now experience joy and gratitude every single day.  Barb taught me that by letting the outside world dictate how I was feeling inside, I was giving away my power.  Using the Quick Coherence the Freeze Frame Techniques, Barb reminded me of my inner knowing and allowed me to listen to what I really feel, want and need. The pandemic has taught many of us that we do not want to go back to old ways of doing things.  This opportunity to work with Barb on reconnecting to your intuition and inner knowing, rather than falling into the trap of New Year resolutions that are never realized and often make us feel worse about ourselves, will not only support you in holding onto your power and living your most authentic life but also help you to build on what you have learned during these unprecedented times about what you no longer want.”


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