Resiliency & Open Communication

Activating The Heart of Teams Testimonial

“My team and I participated in the four-week HeartMath training program with Barb Fletcher.  Barb is an excellent facilitator and has a knack for observation.  She can draw out individual thoughts and experiences to allow the full group to observe each other’s challenges and successes so we all benefit through their experiences.

My team and I feel we have additional tools that have built resiliency, with open communication.  We are stronger and better prepared to work through business and personal challenges with our daily HeartMath practice.  Thank you Barb for guiding us through this process with your gentle coaching techniques.  I highly recommend investing in HeartMath Training to achieve a higher level of well-being, lower levels of stress and help spread care and compassion.”

~Wendy, President & CEO at Southworth

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