Staying Calm In Stressful Situations

HeartMath Coaching Testimonial

When I get upsetting news, I practice HeartMath. I take deep breaths which prevent me from acting on emotion. I’ve since realized, what’s the sense of freaking out?

People at work have noticed a difference in the way that I respond to stressful situations, they have even reached out and asked “how did you stay so calm?” I tell them that I have a secret power, and that power is HeartMath.

Sometimes you have so many different things on your mind, and you’re just going 100 miles per minute thinking about everything you need to do, at least that’s how I’ve felt, and so my decision making was limited by all of this brain fog that was clouding my thoughts. But I’ve found that with HeartMath, it’s so much easier to put everything else aside, and just focus on your one task, and the decisions that you make just feel right; you become more confident and efficient in your decision making.”


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